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Drone Photography

Hi all,

I am fairly new to drone photography/videography, but I am loving it. I got my first drone in May 2022 a Holystone drone. It was a great practice drone, but I soon realised after seeing a neighbors images from his DJI Mini 2 that the Holystone would not be suitable for my needs.

It wasn't long afterwards that I purchased the DJI Mini 2 and was really impressed with the image and video quality. I set of going around different landmarks in Southampton Hampshire to learn how to fly it and more importantly how to capture images and videos.

Drone photography is a new entity to me as I have been use to being on ground level, with the camera in front of me knowing the angles that make a good picture. However I love a challenge and please with the results so far.

I have since upgraded my Drone and got the DJI Mini 3 because it as a far superior camera (48mp) and I am looking forward to going out taking further photographs and exploring the limits what the drone can offer me.

I do have my drone pilots license, registered with the CAA and have public liability insurance, to make sure I am fully covered if you require my services.

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