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My First Blog (Camera Gear)


Thought I would start a blog, never done this before but thought hey ho lets give it a go. My name is Scott Munro and I have been doing photography for over 13years. My first outing was with my Canon 450d in New York. That is where I caught the bug and my passion for photography grew.

It wasn't long before I grew out of that camera and like everything technology moves so fast. The next camera I bought was a Canon 7d (this is still one of my favorite cameras) I loved this camera, it was built mainly for sport/wildlife photography. I had this camera for many years and didn't really want to get rid of it. However my photography business started to grow and needed a camera for portraits and weddings. I purchased a Canon 5dmk2, again at the time this was a great camera and suited my needs for different styles of photography I was now pursuing.

Since then I have chopped and changed and moved forward with my camera's. I now have the Canon EOSR, Canon 5dMK3 and the Canon EOS R5.

As you can tell I have always been a Canon man, mainly because I can and have been able to keep my lenses (which are the most important part in photography)

This is just a little overview on my cameras through the 13years of my journey.

More Blogs to follow describing techniques, locations and of course pictures.

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